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4 Best Upgrades for Your Bathroom

We all want a luxurious bathroom, but you might not be ready to completely gut and renovate the one you have. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, it’s wise of you to be selective about which projects you tackle. There are a few renovations that will make a big impact.


Outdated and damaged faucets age a bathroom and make them look dingy. If you want your bathroom to look exceptionally clean and updated, try putting in a new faucet at the sink, and change the rest of the hardware to match. Brushed nickel is a long-time favorite, but there are actually lots of finishes that you can choose. Chrome is another type of finish that has been popular for years, and some finishes such as polished brass and copper are coming back into style and look great with the right color schemes.


Sinks are another item in the bathroom that makes a huge impact. Many times, people upgrade either for aesthetic reasons or for functional reasons. For example, many people like to put dual sinks in the master bathroom so that they and their partner don’t have to share. However, not every bathroom sink needs to be replaced in order to improve the bathroom; in some cases, all that is required is a chip repair and a restoration! Your bathroom sink could look like new, but for a much more affordable price.  


Even comparatively large bathrooms tend to be small spaces in which there is a lot that needs to be done. Because of this, many people want to make the best use of the space as possible. Well-designed cabinets allow you to use all your space effectively. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to get brand-new cabinets. You can improve the functionality of your current cabinets by fixing drawers that stick and utilizing organizational tools to maximize the space in drawers or on shelves. You can also easily improve the appearance of your cabinets by removing water stains.


Putting new flooring in a bathroom is reasonably inexpensive because you won’t need a lot of materials, but it will also make a significant impact because, relative to the rest of the room, it’s actually a large surface that you look at every time you go into the room. Ceramic tile, laminate, and porcelain tile are all popular materials for bathrooms right now. If replacing the current tile isn’t in the budget, you can always give it a deep clean or refresh the grout.  

You might think that your bathroom requires a big expensive remodel, but the truth is that just updating a few small items can make a significant difference. After you have made these simple updates, you’ll love the positive impact that it will have on your home and your life.

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