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How to Avoid a Bathtub Refinishing Scam

In this industry its important to keep an eye out for a potential bathtub refinishing scam and low quality materials like never before. There’s no doubt that most bathtub refinishing companies are going to tell you they are the one you should work with. Before you take them up on that opportunity its important to keep an eye out for potential scams and low quality materials that may be used on your project.

This blog post should help you identify potential scams:


1. Sometimes thing’s may sound to good to be true. Promises of using aerospace coatings can be a scam. Who manufactured the coating? Aerospace coatings can be very expensive, if the refinishing company is charging low cost on your project more than likely this is a marketing scheme to have an advantage over competitors. if they say they use epoxy or an acrylic urethane resin coating for bathtub refinishing than it would be more believable. Don’t let this scam hype you up. I suggest you really do some investigating if aerospace coatings are mentioned.


2.  Find authentic bathtub refinishing companies. Go beyond the typical scammers who ask for high price but deliver low quality results. Search for authentic providers: handy men and plumbers are not the ones to seek if you want high-end results. Most scammers are copy cats looking for a quick sell.


3. You will need the old coating removed. If your bathtub has previously been refinished and it is peeling it is required to remove all of the peeling coating. Many contractors will avoid this rule and say “your tub was professionally refinished, we can just feather sand the peeling area”. Always demand that the refinisher removes all of the peeling coating, it will help the new finish adhere to the tubs orginial surface.


4. We ran into a few issues. The bathtub refinishing work has already began and suddenly the refinisher informs you the price has increased.  Blaming the increasing cost on new found chips, caulking removal and other repairs. These unexpected fee’s could be legit, but its the bathtub refinishing companies job to give you the best quote possible. Make sure the contract has a change order option so that you and the company can come to an agreement about the price change.


5. We have left over materials from the last job. This scam is normally performed by franchise companies who try to refinish multiple tubs a day, but it can also happen with local businesses as well.  So they pull up to your home or business with old paint that was mixed up more than 8 hours ago. Letting them use this coating is risky and could cause you issues later on after they are long gone. Never hire a contractor that pulls up with the coatings already made up. Professional contractors take the time to mix the coatings right on the spot, making sure their customers get a quality finish.


6. Don’t be afraid to have your bathtub refinished. Reglazing a tub in 2 hours is a big scam and any refinishing company that delivers quality work is aware of this one. Every process has steps and these steps can take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes a piece, depending on the condition of your tub. Hard work, a good process, and using a reputable bathtub refinishing company will give you a beautiful long lasting finish.

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