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How to Prevent Slip and Falls in The Bathtub

These tips will help you prevent accidents in the bathroom and provide a safer experience for you, your customers and loved ones.

Your main priority is to probably maintain a safe environment for your visitors and tenants. To reduce the chances of bathtub slip and falls read these tips listed below:



Safety Tips


• Keep great lighting in your bathroom, above the bathtub or next to the bathtub.


• Ensure the drain works properly and all water leaves the bathtub upon exit. Standing water puddles can lead to a slip and fall accident.


• If you love to add essential oils to your bath, quickly clean up any remaining oil on the surface upon exiting the bathtub.


• Be sure to position bath rugs and toilet rugs, so that they will not interfere with how you move around your bathroom, many have slipped on the bathroom floor because these items were at the wrong place at the wrong time.


• Consider repairing any flooring damage around your bathtub.


• Install grab bars inside your bathtub and around your bathroom in accordance with ADA.


• Repair your uneven bathtub, a slanted bathtub can result in fatal bathroom injuries and make your bath time a nightmare.


• Ensure the height of the tub base is right for you. If not, consider a tub cut out for elderly. bathroom injury statistics show that bathtub slip and falls risk is much higher for adults ages 65 and older.


• Remove obstructions from bathroom, such as large trash cans and empty shampoo bottles.


• Consider having a slip resistant tub bottom installed. This can be applied to tubs, showers and many other surfaces that may get slippery when wet.


More Important Safety Tips


• If you own a commercial building post emergency phone numbers in the bathroom in case an accident does occur.


• Owner/management should keep record of who was involved in a slip and fall accident in the building. The time it happened, the date in which it happened, and review all incident reports weekly.


To learn more about how to prevent slip and falls in the bathtub for your home or commercial building, contact Miraculous Makeovers at (423) 612-4174.

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