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Ideal Solution To Outdated Bathtub: Refinish Or Buy A New One?

Remodeling your bathroom is just one of the many home improvement projects you can do to further increase your home value. Experts found out that the Return on Investment (ROI) of a bathroom remodel is about 70%.

It means that if the initial price point of your home is $200,000, you can already expect a revenue of $140,000 more than you initially invested. Not too shabby. That is if you do decide to sell your property in the future.

But even if you don’t, there are still benefits to having your bathtub refinished. For one, taking a hot, warm bath can get you a good night’s sleep, regulate your blood pressure, and give you a chance to unwind and slow down from hustling throughout the day.

These effects, however, can be counteracted by an outdated, slippery bathtub. After all, who would feel relaxed and calm if you see stains and dirt brought by beauty products, molds, mildew, and candle wax lurking at the surface of the ceramic?

Amp Up the Bathtub

There are two options to choose from if you want to revamp your bathtub from its current state. One is to completely replace it and another is to refinish or reglaze the surface. Both ways have their own share of pros and cons. Let’s discuss each one.

1. Tub Replacement

As the name suggests, tub replacement means completely replacing your old bathtub with a newpreferably a better-quality one.



• Out with the old, in with the new. If you just bought the house and you never liked the size or quality of the bathtub, now is your chance to replace it with something you actually like.

• Install fancy add-ons. Do you want to have jets that give a nice, fancy foot massage while underwater? Would you like to have a temperature regulator to ensure that your bath stays warm enough for you? Or, if you have an elderly family member, you prefer having handrails and non-skid surface to make bathing safer? Here is your chance to make it all happen.

• A better option for a complete bathroom makeover. It is more cost-economical to have a full bathtub replacement than to concentrate on one major improvement if you are undergoing a major bathroom overhaul. You can also have a maintenance checkup with the bathroom plumbing since the contractors are already there.



• It’s costly. While purchasing a new bathtub can cost only $200 minimum, the whole process of replacing it would burn a hole in your pocket. To install the new tub, you have to remove the old one. Then there is the question of plumbing and tile replacing (if you removed them along with the old tub). To do this, you need a whole crew of contractors and laborers.

• It’s time-consuming. The process of installing a new bathtub can take a week at least. If there is additional plumbing involved though, it could go up to a month depending on how tedious the work is. If you only have one bathroom in the household, this could be a hassle.

• It brings a huge waste. An uninstalled bathtub cannot just be left on the backyard to be picked up by a dump truck. You have to deliver it to the landfill yourself. Not to mention that its sheer size contributes a huge space to an already-overflowing wasteland.

2. Tub Refinishing

Tub refinishing, on the other hand, is a process wherein the surface of the bathtub is cleaned, repaired, and re-coated with a durable new layer of finish. The finished product highly depends on the experience and the type of material used by the bathtub refinishing company to give the bathtub a smooth, glossy surface.



• It’s cheaperTub reglazing prices are only a fraction of the cost when replacing the bathtub. Aside from the chemicals used to do the work, the labor is minimalthe job can be done by one person.

• It takes less time. The time needed to ensure that all the chemicals used to refurbish the bathtub is about 4-6 hours to complete and 24-48 hours to dry. Also, you can still use the bathroom at its full capacity, provided you do not use the tub.

• Add colors to match. Depending on the package you availed, you can have the contractor repaint the bathtub into a color that matches the ambiance and overall look of your bathroom. Don’t worry; it will not affect the quality. Plus, the paint will not chip off as you use the tub.



• Con laborers abound. A lot of maintenance companies claim that they can do bathtub refinishing perfectly. Unfortunately, most of them are lying. Some use low-quality chemicals while others speed through the process. The damage brought by these people may cost you more than actually replacing the bathtub itself.

In looking for someone to do the job, ask for a portfolio or sample of their previous work. Reputable companies have a gallery specially made to showcase their abilities.

• More costly if you scrimp. There are many DIY tub refinishing products available on the market today. Unfortunately, most home improvement experts highly discourage the public from using them. Not only is the product made from low-quality materials; some of them can be dangerous when they chip off the surface of the tub and most of them do.

• Extra care and maintenance in cleaning. To ensure that the glossy finish lasts a long time, you must not use non-abrasive cleaners and bleach in cleaning them. Using a stiff bristle brush is not recommended as well.


The choice of whether to have your bathtub replaced or refinished is entirely up to your home and family’s current situation. Remember that there is no right or wrong option in this case. There is only the better and best option for you.

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