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Refinished Bathtub Maintenance Cleaner- Protects Warranty of Refinished Tub & Tile Miraculous Cleaner Make Refinished Makeovers Shine Longer(16 oz)

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For use after bathtub refinishing and tile refinishing for homeowners, hotels, apartment complexes and property management companies. A must have when you have refinished tub and tile (perfect for any bathtub coating type or color). Beware most cleaners recommended by bathtub refinishing companies contain alcohol or sodium hydroxide which will eventually destroy your refinished surface causing it to fail prematurely. No longer do you have to damage your refinished surface by using harsh abrasive cleaners that void your bathtub refinishing warranty. Try the best cleaner for refinished tub and tile and make refinished makeovers shine longer.

This powerful spray-on formula cleans and protects your refinished bathtub within minutes, one of your properties most valuable investments. With no harsh chemicals or overpowering scents. When used after tub refinishing services it can help remove debris that have fallen into the coating during the dry time and protect your refinished tub and tile from peeling, cracking, and chipping.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"There was soap scum stuck to my bathtub a few months after it was refinished. I tried every cleaner my local refinishing company told me to use. I finally ordered Miraculous Cleaner and it did the job!"

Katie W.

"Does it’s job and leaves my bathtub shiny! No strong smell, which is great considering I have a toddler, 3 dogs & 2 cats."

Mary S.

"Love that this cleaner is recommended for refinished surfaces. The scent is not strong for me, which is another reason I give it 5 stars, it cleans very well, great for cutting through soap scum and it keeps my refinished tub and tile shining like new."

Carla T.

How to Clean Bathtub Directions

Apply Miraculous Cleaner to a wet surface with a clean microfiber cloth*. Then rinse. For bad areas apply and let it sit for 30 minutes then wipe again with a wet microfiber cloth to agitate the cleaner, then rinse.

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