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If you spend over an hour or two getting ready with the right skincare and makeup, welcome to the club! According to research by Money, beauty shoppers can spend up to $15,000 in their lifetime on products, and that means they need all the time and space in the world to play around with the bevy of products that promise to turn back the hands of time.

A Sturdy Countertop is Key

If you are a frequent user of creams, serums, and makeup, then you know that various items can have a staining effect on your vanity tops. Miraculous Makeovers can help you out by refinishing your vanity with a sturdy, stain-free top with stone and other materials which vary in color so you can choose the perfect complementary shade for your tiles and tub or shower. If you have an acrylic vanity top and it’s showing the signs of wear and tear, chips and cracks can easily be repaired and refinished for a brand new look. Whether beautifully cultured marble, modern acrylic, or natural stone looks are your passion, a simple refinishing job can bestow your bathroom with the look you need.

Creating More Space

Is a large bathtub taking up too much space in your bathroom and do you have more than one bathroom in the home? The key to optimal design is curating it to your needs. If you can easily have a shower in another bathroom and wish one particular space to be used exclusively for skincare, consider the removal of the bathroom and shower for additional furniture such as a second vanity or even plush designer chairs for when you and your friends are having a spa day. The average large bathroom can measure as little as 35 square feet, but the average house also has two full and one half bathrooms, meaning that you can always steal an entire one for your skincare routine. You will definitely need more space if you love making your own creams and scrubs. This  is a fun activity that nevertheless requires a more ample vanity top, as well as more room for drawers to keep ingredients in

Mirrors and Lighting

Mirrors are everything when you are caring for your skin, as is lighting. You need to see the effect of the different products you are applying and, of course, apply make-up using the right light. Mirrors and lighting make for arguably the most creative parts of your bathroom design. The ‘light bulb frame’ – so popular in the theatre and makeup stores – is a classic look, but you can play around with length and volume a little more by adding pendant lighting in various lengths and shapes. Make sure the finishes of your lighting (whether metallic, matte, or natural) complements the color of your tiling. If one trend is making its presence felt, it is that of small square tiles, in hues ranging from feminine powder pink right through to bold metallic bronze.

When it comes to creating the perfect space for your skincare routine, space is paramount. Make sure you have enough space for your vanity, so that brushes, palettes, creams, and serums each have their rightful and orderly spot in your bathroom. Consider having an extensive refurb, removing a shower or bath for the ultimate space for you and your friends to enjoy a relaxing spa day.

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